Natural Olives

The Pteleos Olea, among other properties, is very famous in Greece and abroad for the excellent quality and taste of the edible olives and can be prepared in many different ways.

Black Olives

These type of olives are collected only when they are fully ripened, are natural black or very dark red and have different sizes due to different size and age of the olive grove collection points. They are only hand picked (by hands or hand shaker) with great care to avoid any kind of damaging. They are singled out by strict criteria, washed and placed in saline water in closed containers over a couple of months. During that process the olives are not notched so that their substances are retained and keep a natural slight bitter taste. The process of debittering and fermentation can take a few months. During that period of time all important standard values are measured. So that we can offer a high quality product.We have in 3 different types of black olives :

Directly after picking.

In saline water.

Washed and pickled in wine vinegar or marinated in different herbs.

Dried Olives,which are pressed with natural stone in sacks made ​​of natural material for a couple of days and are genlty dried by air.

Green Olives

Green Olives are the very first unriped olive fruit. It is collected around the first 15 days of October only by hands (not hand shaker or other means). We do not use any other mean to collect them in order to avoid damaging the fruit. These olives are picked in wicker baskets by hand, in small quantities, as not pressed by their own weight and are transported directly in special crates of twenty pounds which are fully aired. After the daily collection we transport the olives (same day) to the factories or we keep these in our warehouse, under low temperature conditions, placed in saline water, in closed containers over a couple of months before the olives sold to retail or wholesale market.