Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We produce only Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 3 basic types.

 Olea Sylvestris Olive Oil: This  is our highest  category of EVOO that we producing using only the wild olive tree fruits .

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced only from the Pteleos Olea single variety olive tree and only from green unripe olives.

Pteleos Classic  Extra Virgin Olive Oil:This type of olive oil is produced using a blend of green & black olives, an extra virgin olive category  with  soft  taste.

EVOO  Profile :

  • Oleic Acidity level is usually around 0.1-0.3
  • Strong taste and aroma, bitter & peppery notes that leaves a fresh grassy taste in your mouth after a while.
  • Extremely high nutritional properties with high levels in  2 key phenols, Oleocanthal and Oleacein.
  • Slight  green colour .
  • Not filtered just pure olive juice.

 Production Specifications :

  • Fist Cold Extraction Method in Ecological Two-Phase Mill.
  • Extraction temperature at all stages is less than 27 c Degrees.
  • Mill follows strict  hygienic rules at all stages.
  • Olives are perfectly watered before entering olive crusher.
  • Extraction time, within max. 24 hour after harvesting.
  • Transported only in plastic baskets suitable for olives.T
  • Life Time: 18 months (storage in dark and cold place max temperature 20 degrees C)

Harvest  Process

The fruit is harvesting strictly by hands because the tree has bushy structure and we can’t use any other collection tools. The crop is placed in open plastic baskets that are made for food and have sufficient ventilation, are not pressed and destroyed and for that reason the quantities we put in are not over the 20 kgr per basket. We transfer the olive crop the same day to the mill and proceed to olive oil extraction the next morning and within 24 hours.

Unheated Eco Mill

The olives before entering the crusher are washed with plenty clear water that removes any kind of  remaining branches and leaves.Before the extraction process starts the whole system is cleaned well in order to avoid any kind oil impurity.

For the extraction process we collaborate with a two-face ecological mill that is based very near to our olive groves around 10 km. The temperature at all production stages it is carefully monitored to not exceed the 27C degrees and the malaxation of the olive paste do not exceed the 40 minutes time. These steps are very essential to take an excellent extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols and volatile nutritional compounds.

Olive Oil Storage

After the extraction the olive oil is stored in a special inox tanks in stoned basement where the temperature does not exceed the 20 c degrees. We avoid any exposure of  the olive juice to day light. Normally this type of olive oil is sold immediately.