Olive Groves

Olive Groves

Alamaniotis Olive Groves is a traditional Hellenic family olive growing business. Olive trees cultivation is the basic family occupation for many generations. Everyday life & culture is tight connected with olive growing .Through the ages we have developed a deep knowledge on olive cultivation and the production of pure olive goods. This knowledge, passion and love has been transferred from one generation to the next to present day. Today we continue the tradition and keep producing pure olive goods.

During spring time you can see fantastic flowers and herbs of many kinds and you can hear and see different kind of birds and insects. The aromas of the trees flowers, the flowers and the aura of the great beaches create a combination that make you feel just perfect and affect the final olive goods in the aspect of taste and aroma.


The olive groves are consisted by two closely associated varieties. The local indiginious  OLEA SYLVESTRIS and the  local variety PTELEOS OLEA. Olea Sylvestris is an indigenous wild olive tree that exists in the area for more than 3000 years, while Pteleos Οlea is a variety based on the Olea Sylvestris tree.The wild olive tree grafted with Amfissis and due to the local environmental & climate conditions evolved into a local variety with unique characteristic in terms of organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.


Olive Groves are located in Pteleos prefecture, in central Greece, on the south edge of Pagasitikos Gulf and are surrounded by the Aegean sea.Pteleos history is reaching the HOMER age, 3000 years back in time. The land is semi mountainous and the area altitude is around 800 meters maximum. More than 1.500.000 olive trees are spread throughout the wider region from the steep slopes of the hills to the side shores of the Aegean sea. It is an amazing and beautiful olive land.


In conclusion, the microclimate conditions (cool summer & soft winter), sea breeze and stony ground, high hills, soil elements, dry cultivation, the lack of any kind of industrial near the area and the olea sylvestris base, shaped ideal conditions that contributed to the development of the local cultivar, the pteleos olea, that  produces  excellent olive goods with unique characteristics, taste and nutritional ingredients.

Olea Sylvestris -The essential Basis For High Quality Olive Goods

Olea Sylvestrys existed in the area as a indigenous tree from the ancient times and for more than 3.000 years. After many centuries it became the base for the newest cultivar Pteleos Olea.There were different types of the olea sylvestris with smaller or larger crops. In general even the larger olea sylvestris crop was extremely small compared to arable olive tree fruits. Locals in ancients times produced olive oil using old methods based on stone tools and gradually they learned to use the olive fruit for table use.

In our olive groves you will find many Olea Sylvestris trees in different sizes. These shrubs are our very favourite olive trees and give the best extra virgin olive oil but in very small quantity. The Pteleos Olea is also long – aged tress giving  the best olive goods.

Pure & Authentic Olive Goods

Following the tradition shaped by the previous generations we preserving the  values that  family established before many decades  and maintained the Traditional Form of the  estates as been created with respect to natural environment,wild life,local  olive growing culture,the human need for healthy and nutritional food.We continue to produce high quality olive goods.

Walking in along  the very sloppy hill sides It is easy to see the olea oleaster history to unfold in front of your eyes, and see for yourself how local residents tamed nature and formed the steep hill sides to cultivate and collect olives ,constructing small walls with stones that they carried on mules from far away. It is difficult to believe that they carried the olive crop in special baskets made ​​from reeds and carrying climbing slopes many times up to 200 meters to the nearest small streets to load it on mules and transporting the stone olive press.

As olives are our basic local occupation for many decades we protect environment because we are living and feeding ourselves from the land. As one of the oldest olive lands in Greece we believe that the olive tree may feel more at home here than in any other place in the world. Especially Olea Sylvestris.